before and during tax audits

Company officers responsible for tax function often adhere to a conservative approach in tax treatment of business transactions. As a result, the business may pay more taxes than necessary.

Our services in the area of refund of overpaid taxes include:

  • Pre-tax audit diagnostics, including interviews, analysis of documents relating to transactions that are likely to trigger adverse tax implications and advice on how to mitigate the identified tax risks

  • Preparing a data room for a tax audit

  • Communications with the tax authorities during the tax audit, including admission of tax officers to tax audits, processing of their data and documents requests, preparation and/or prior verification of documents and explanations provided to tax officers during a tax audit

With us, you may be sure that your business will be duly prepared for a tax audit and that the tax authorities will only start tax audit if they have legal grounds for such an audit. We will also make sure that only necessary documents are provided to the tax authorities. The tax authorities will receive all the necessary comments and explanations addressing their concerns and supporting tax position of your business.


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